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Imagine this - you are at home, in your kitchen, frustrated from an unsuccessful attempt to create a cute, pink dotted birthday cake for your niece.  You know you can do it, but it isn't happening. The cake looks bad... the fondant is all bumpy and stained with darker spots of pink, some of the cake shows from the side and the dots look... well, not great. This is so different from what you imagined and envisioned. You really don't know what went wrong, and what's worse, is that you don't know how to improve it. 

Now what?

Imagine someone sent you, to your e-mail, a complete, printable, step-by-step instruction guide, on how to decorate a cake. Imagine you also get great close-up photos for each step, you get all the information including a list of the exact tools you need to quickly begin creating and decorating amazingly beautiful cakes.

This is CakeOpedia - here you can learn how to master cake decorating techniques, improve your skills fast and get all the answers you are looking for.

Your journey starts here!

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